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Your teen needs many kinds of help when facing criminal charges

Parenting teenagers has fairly earned a reputation as one of the most difficult tasks involved with bringing new life into this world. Teenagers are in the process of developing their own sense of the world and their personalities, which means that they will often lash out at their parents and other authority figures.

For many teenagers, the line between what is rebellious and what is illegal may be somewhat blurry. Teenagers may want to try experimenting with drugs, drinking with friends at parties, stealing a car to go on a joyride or even getting into physical altercations with their peers. Any of those forms of juvenile rebellion could result in criminal charges against your teen.

Special considerations for high-asset Kentucky divorces

When you decide to file for divorce, you have to address a broad range of issues. Certain issues are more or less universal, while others vary depending on the nature of the relationship. Couples who have children, for example, have to think about custody and support issues, while couples who are close to retirement age may have to negotiate how to divide a pension.

For families who have acquired significant assets during their marriage, there are also special considerations. Understanding the unique hurdles that high asset couples face in a divorce can help you protect yourself and your financial future as you take steps to end your marriage.

How frequent business travel leads to convenient opportunities

Divorce doesn’t just appear out of thin air one day. There is usually a build-up of reasons that create the perfect emotional and moral damage to support a breach of fidelity. Once the walls of your marriage are damaged for various reasons (i.e. constant arguments, lack of mutual respect and support, lack of communication and teamwork, etc.) it makes it easy to consider taking advantage of a convenient opportunity, like an affair.

Unfortunately, wealthy businessmen or women who travel frequently are at a higher risk for committing adultery due to the convenience of the situation. Many wives are surprised to find out their husbands (and vice versa) are being less than honest when it comes to the details of company travel time.

What to do if your parent's nursing home is stealing from them

What would you do if someone was stealing from a person such as a senior citizen? How would you feel if that person was also someone’s loved one? Now, imagine that person is both, like a your parent or grandparent. This is the reality many people face when their loved one has moved into and assisted living or nursing home facility.

It’s a sick reality of the world today that people prey on the vulnerable. Criminals target senior citizens, in particular, because of their perceived wealth. These criminals can be someone close to the resident, but they can also be facility staff—the same people whose jobs are to care for your loved one. Sometimes, these criminals can steal thousands of dollars from a resident before someone catches on.

The basics of postnuptial agreements in Kentucky

Many couples see a looming separation when they hear the words “postnuptial agreement” uttered by their spouse. However, the agreements provide a realistic option for married couples to consider their assets in the case of divorce.

Spouses should not fear postnuptial agreements. Instead, they should make an effort to learn more about these documents and how they are used to help marriages.

Kentucky DUI: aggravating circumstances

Kentucky, as well as all states in America, takes drinking and driving seriously, which is why there are severe punishments for doing so.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that alcohol impairment accounts for over 25 percent of all traffic-deaths in the United States. This does not count the number of crashes due to alcohol impairment that did not result in fatality.


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