Don't Let A DUI Charge Derail Your Life

DUI defense is a serious charge whether it's a misdemeanor or a felony, and it can have a lasting impact on your life. Whether you are facing a first offense or the latest of multiple offenses, Cash & Richardson, PLLC, will help you mount a strong DUI defense.

Unique among law firms, our staff includes a social worker. With the professional skills of both a lawyer and a social worker, we can help you avoid fines or jail time with an alternative sentencing plan that includes a recovery program to avoid a future DUI charge. We pride ourselves on our ability to connect our clients with whatever resource they need, including counselors and treatment houses.

Experienced Criminal Defense And Administrative Legal Support

If you've been charged with drunk driving, you are facing two parallel legal problems: the criminal charge of driving under the influence, and the administrative issues that are triggered by a DUI conviction, such as the suspension or revocation of your driver's license.

Our criminal defense attorneys understand that the loss of driving privileges can have a significant impact on your life, making it difficult to commute to work and perform other routine tasks such as grocery shopping and picking up your kids. That's why our firm will work with you to create a legal strategy that minimizes the impact of a drunk driving charge on your life. We will review the record of your traffic stop and confirm that the arresting officer has probable cause to pull you over and followed other procedures correctly such as properly administering the Breathalyzer test. Any procedural violation we find will weaken the case against you. When it's not possible to have charges dropped or reduced, we will seek a reduced sentence.

For those who have been injured in a DUI-related accident, please see the personal injury section of our website.

Schedule A Consultation With A Knowledgeable DUI Lawyer

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