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Don't take any criminal charge lightly. As soon as you can, get in touch with Cash & Richardson, PLLC. We're skilled in criminal defense law, including DUI defense law.

We'll be by your side from the investigation to the end of the trial. We have a wealth of experience handling a variety of criminal charges, from trespassing to attempted murder. If you've been charged with DUI, drug trafficking or drug possession, we're the attorneys to call. You'll be impressed with our commitment to obtaining the best outcome in your case.

Avoid Maximum Penalties

Criminal convictions can come with heavy penalties, from large fines to prison time. A Louisville, Kentucky, attorney well-versed in criminal defense law can work hard to avoid the heaviest penalties in your case. We'll lay out your case clearly and set the proper expectations. We'll do our best to minimize your charges or the consequences of the crime.

DUI defense law is more complicated than you think. Get in touch with a criminal defense attorney right away for the legal help you need.

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